HUMPHREY, DUDLEY SHERMAN II (19 May 1852-7 Sept. 1933) was owner and operator (with his family) of EUCLID BEACH PARK. One of 5 children, Dudley Sherman II was born on the family farm in Wakeman Township, Huron County, the son of Dudley Sherman I and Mabel Fay Humphrey. After completing his education at local schools, he attended Buchtel University in Akron. He and his brothers Harlow and David helped operate the family farm. After their father died in 1876, the brothers were unable to make it profitable, and the property was sold in 1890 to satisfy creditors. In 1891 the family moved to GLENVILLE where Dudley invented and patented a new type of popcorn popper which seasoned the corn as it popped. Beginning in June 1893, the family opened popcorn stands throughout the city. From 1896-99 they operated a concession stand at Euclid Beach Park amid the honky-tonk atmosphere and drunkenness that prevailed. When the park failed the Humphrey family leased it in 1901. Dudley and the family set strict rules in their renovated park. The bar and beer garden were abolished and admission refused to those not properly dressed or who had been drinking. In 1908, Humphrey and his brothers also built the ELYSIUM, an indoor ice-skating rink.

Humphrey married Effie DeEtta Shannon in Wakeman, Ohio 3 Sept. 1879, and they had 3 children Mabel (Killaly), Harvey John, and H. Louise (Lambie). He died at his residence in Euclid Beach Park and was buried at Highland Park Cemetery.

Euclid Beach Park Is Closed for the Season (1977).

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