HURLBUT, HINMAN B. (20 July 1819-22 Mar. 1884) was a lawyer, banker, and railroad executive, but his greatest contribution to Cleveland came from his leadership in securing a museum of art for the city.

Born to Abiram and Mary Barrett Hurlbut in St. James County, New York, Hinman received his education in the public schools there before coming to Cleveland in 1836 to work in his brother's law office. He was admitted to the bar in 1839, and one year later, on 25 May 1840, he married Jane Johnson. They lived in a stately house at 3233 EUCLID AVENUE, which later became the site of the 1910 Carlin residence.

In 1850 he turned his attention to banking, organizing banks in Massillon, Ohio. In 1852 he returned to Cleveland where he established the banking house of Hurlbut and Company. In 1871 his interest turned to railroading, and he became president of the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis Railroad.

Besides his business involvements, Hurlbut was also interested in health issues, and he was major benefactor of LAKESIDE HOSPITAL. He also endowed a chair of chemistry at Western Reserve University (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY).

During two trips to Europe, Hurlbut became interested in art and soon became an ardent collector. Upon his death he earmarked both funds and his art collection towards founding an art museum for the city. Ultimately other benefactors came forward and provided money for the building, but Hurlbut's money and his art works became a cornerstone of the original collection of the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART.

Hurlbut is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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