INMAN, AMIE G. STEERE (24 May 1882-27 April 1961), among the founders and first board members of the BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN OF GREATER CLEVELAND, taught applied art and headed the department of ART at Lincoln High School in the CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS. She served as first vice-president of the Cleveland Teachers' Federation and was vice-president, then president of the Ohio League of Teachers. Inman was born in Burrilville, RI, to Augusta W. and Evelyn E. Steere, and graduated from Massillon (OH) High School in 1899 and Harcourt Place Seminary 2 years later. Inman received a normal school diploma from the New York School of Fine and Applied Art in 1909 and later also studied at the Students League and the Teachers College (both NYC) and in Paris, France. Before coming to Cleveland, Inman taught drawing in the Massillon Public Schools (1908-09). Residing on Cleveland's near west side, she served on the advisory committee of the CITIZENS LEAGUE of Cleveland. Inman died in Massillon, OH.

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