The IRISH AMERICAN CLUB, EAST SIDE, INC., was officially chartered in the state of Ohio on St. Patrick's Day, 17 Mar. 1978. Its purpose is to promote Irish heritage and to sponsor social, cultural, educational, and athletic programs in Cleveland and around the state. The majority of members are of Irish descent or married to Irish. The club purchased and remodeled a building at 22770 Lake Shore Blvd. for its headquarters in 1981. The building has a large meeting hall holding over 1,000 persons, a bar, and a kitchen. Its basement has a smaller bar, a hall for musical groups and dancing, and space for the Padric Pierce Library, dedicated to Celtic reading. The club sponsors trips for senior citizens (Golden Shamrocks), drives for charity, and "reverse raffles" and dinners to replenish funds. Fulfilling its main cultural function, it highlights music and dancing from Ireland and teaches the Gaelic language and Irish cooking and handicrafts. It also publishes a monthly newsletter, The Schanachie. There were more than 3,000 members in 1994.

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