IVANUSCH, JOHN (30 Sept. 1879-1 Sept. 1973), SLOVENIAN composer, music teacher, and musical director, was born in Slovenia to John and Mary (Heinrich) Ivanusch. He began his musical education at 7 and later served in the Yugoslav Navy under bandmaster Franz Lehar, composer of the opera The Merry Widow. Ivanusch came to Cleveland in 1919 and taught piano, strings, and brass instruments, as well as serving as director of the ZARJA SINGING SOCIETY. In 1928 he composed the opera Rosamund of Turjak for the chorus. Ivanusch was married twice. His first wife, Mary, whom he wedded 19 Jan. 1920 died c. 1927. He married again on 10 Oct. 1927 to Mary Grill, a singer and teacher at the Slovene School of the SLOVENIAN NATL. HOME. Ivanusch had no children. He died in Chardon, Ohio.

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