JERMAN, FRED "MIKE" (16 June 1930-30 March 1993) was a chemical technician who, during his 43 years with BRUSH WELLMAN Technical Laboratories, helped develop high-temperature, high-vacuum, and nuclear reactor technology. He was also a pigeon fancier who helped found the Independence Homing Club.

Born in Cleveland to Fred and Bertha Jerman, "Mike" Jerman graduated from South High (1948) and joined Brush Wellman on 2 May 1949 as a lab technician at the Perkins Avenue Facility. Jerman first worked with scientists and engineers in developing technologies involving beryllium. Following a tour with the Army in the KOREAN WAR (1952-1953), Jerman returned to Brush Wellman and became instrumental in the development of electrical and electronic insulators including synthetic mica and other materials.

In the early 1960s Jerman became involved in the emerging field of high temperature, high vacuum technology. A major interest was in the sintering and strengthening of parts made from powdered metals, including critical nuclear reactor components. Jerman would continue his technical service at the Brush St. Clair Ave. Technical Center, working on such diverse products as fuel cell components, brake systems for advanced aircraft and spacecraft, and temperature resistant intermetallic compounds. He took medical leave late in 1992.

In 1967 Jerman helped found the Independence Homing Club, serving as president from 1969-1970. Jerman organized fund-raising activities for St. Malachi Catholic Church.

Jerman married Leona August on 16 July 1955. They had four sons, Michael, Fred, David and Mitchell. Jerman is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.

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