The JOHN HUNTINGTON FUND FOR EDUCATION was incorporated in 1953 from the estate of JOHN HUNTINGTON. In his will Huntington established the John Huntington Art & Polytechnic Trust for 2 major purposes. First, in combination with the HORACE KELLEY ART FOUNDATION, it provided funds to build the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART (1916); second, it created the JOHN HUNTINGTON POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE of free evening classes on technical subjects (1918). In 1953 the institute was discontinued and the proceeds put into the John Huntington Fund for Education. Following the Tax Act of 1969, an additional $9 million was paid from the Arts & Polytechnic Trust to the fund.

The Huntington Fund supports tuition and grants-in-aid for residents of Cuyahoga County to study science and technology in the area full- or part-time. The fund at first gave scholarships directly to individuals. However, since 1972 educational institutions such as CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIV., JOHN CARROLL UNIV., and the CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART have administered the grants. The fund has also supported the Cleveland Scholarship Programs, Inc. In 1989 the fund held assets of $23.2 million and disbursed over $985,000 for 11 grants of between $23,000 and $57,500; in 1994 assets were recorded at $21.5 million with 10 grants amounting to $1,090,000. In 1995 the John Huntington Fund was located at 822 National City Bank Blvd. and Peter W. Adams served as the fund's president.


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