KOREAN CHURCHES IN CLEVELAND began to organize after a modification in immigration quotas in 1970, when thousands of Koreans entered the U.S., many of them coming to Cleveland. While there were some denominational preferences, many Koreans were either unchurched or unaffiliated. The KOREAN ASSN. aided the newcomers to whom language and custom presented a formidable barrier. During the next 15 years, churches quickly augmented the association's services and provided spiritual centers where the Korean language was employed in services and counseling. In 1995 6 Korean congregations served about 2,000 Korean Christians in the Cleveland area: First Korean (6615 Brecksville Rd.); Korean America United Methodist (5246 Broadway); Korean Central Presbyterian (8220 Brecksville Rd.); Korean Central Baptist (6689 Fry Rd.); the Korean Church of Cleveland (4839 Pearl Rd.); and the St. Andrew Kim Korean Catholic Pastoral Center (2310 W. 14th St.).

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