L'ARALDO (The Herald) gave Cleveland's Italian community its second newspaper when it began publication on 1 July 1938. A tabloid printed in both Italian and English, the weekly was put out by the L'Araldo Publishing Co. on Mayfield Rd. in LITTLE ITALY. Attorney Joseph H. Taddeo served as president and editor. While not unsympathetic to Mussolini in its early years, the paper called on its readers to be patriotic Americans after Pearl Harbor. A succession of editors kept the paper alive after World War II, including Matteo Teresi, another attorney, and Dr. Claudio Ferrari, an assistant Italian counsel. One of the last was Alfonso D'Emilia, a former employee of the New York daily Il Progresso Italo-Americano. L'Araldo's demise in 1957 left Italian readers without a local paper.

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