LINDSTROM, E(chel) GEORGE (24 Feb. 1879-2 July 1968), was an author and historian and the founder of Lindstrom Typesetting Co.

Born in Sweden to Gustaf and Matilda Lindstrom, George came to America with his family in 1881. He attended public school in Oil City, PA. He started working in the composing room of the Oil City Derrick in 1901, and graduated from International Correspondence School, Scranton, PA. in 1903.

Lindstrom went to New York in 1905 and took a course in the Mergenthaler Instruction School. On 16 Aug. 1905 Lindstrom married Marion Spears in Cleveland. Shortly after his marriage he moved to Jamestown, N.Y. and entered local politics. He returned to Cleveland in 1914 and worked briefly for the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER.

Lindstrom founded Lindstrom's Linotype Service (changed later to Lindstrom Typesetting Co.) in 1919 in Cleveland and headed the company for 30 years before retiring in 1950. He then returned to The Plain Dealer to work part-time as a typesetter and proofreader from 1954-1960.

Lindstrom wrote The Story of Lakewood (1936). His other works included Oil Creek Tales (1935) and a novel, Out of the Sand" (1943). In 1954 he completed a 10-volume work, History of the Presidents and Their Wives.

Lindstrom was a member of the Clifton Masonic Lodge and other Masonic organizations, and also editor and publisher of the Masonic High Twelve which he started in 1924.

The Lindstroms had one daughter, Ruth (Spieth). Lindstrom lived in LAKEWOOD and is buried in Lakewood Park Cemetery.

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