LODZIESKI, STEFAN (STEPHEN) (27 Nov.1882-24 April 1951) was a Polish immigrant who founded the Lakewood Bakery Company and achieved national prominence as a leader in Polish-American political and cultural circles. Lodzieski helped found the National Committee of Americans of Polish Descent and was president of the Joseph Pilsudski Institute of Modern History.

Born in Wierzbno, Russia (Poland), Lodzieski emigrated to America in 1902, becoming a naturalized citizen in 1910. Settling in Lakewood, Lodzieski learned the baker's trade and opened his first shop in 1911 when he bought Puritan Bakery. Around 1920 he sold Puritan and bought Lakewood Bakery at 11717 Detroit Avenue. As president and director, Lodzieski expanded the Lakewood Bakery Company into a successful chain employing over one hundred workers. By 1952 Lakewood Bakery operated fifteen stores in Lakewood and neighboring west side communities including Rocky River and Parma. The family sold the business in 1960.

Lodzieski's work with Polish-American organizations involved helping to organize and serving as vice president of the National Committee of Americans of Polish Descent, an anti-communist organization, and serving as president of the Joseph Pilsudski Institute of Modern History, a New York information library.

Lodzieski was a member of the Polish National Alliance Lodge and the Polish National Council.

Lodzieski married Victoria Twarogowska (d. 1950) on 6 Sept. 1909. They had three children: Edward, Edwin and Elizabeth (Sliwinski). Lodzieski lived in Lakewood, belonged to St. Hedwig Catholic Church, and is buried in CALVARY CEMETERY.

Stefan Lodzieski Family Papers, WRHS.

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