LUDLOW, ARTHUR CLYDE (4 June 1861-16 Apr. 1927) pastor of Miles Park Presbyterian Church (1887-1923) and author of several works on Presbyterian history in Cleveland, was born in Chardon, Ohio, son of Linnaeus C. and Helen A. (Stafford) Ludlow. He graduated from Adelbert College of Western Reserve University with a bachelor's degree (1884) and master's degree (1887) before studying at Lane Theological Seminary (1884-85) and Union Theological Seminary (1885-87), where he received his divinity degree (1887). Ludlow's ministerial career was confined to Miles Park Presbyterian Church; much of the church's history for almost 40 years was a reflection of his activities and interests. While he was its pastor, Miles Park became recognized as a Presbyterian leader in northern Ohio. Ludlow co-authored a History of Cleveland Presbyterianism (1896) with his second wife, Rosa Elizabeth Roeder. He also wrote The Old Stone Church: The Story of a Hundred Years, 1820-1920 (1920). At his death, he was working on a centennial history of WRU, to which he was devoted and where he had a retirement office in AMASA STONE CHAPEL. Service on the Cleveland School Board (1904-10) and support for the then unusual idea of manual education characterized Ludlow's civic contributions. He served as stated clerk of the Cleveland Presbytery (1900-27) and also held the denominational offices of permanent clerk and moderator of the Synod of Ohio. Ludlow married 3 times. First on 17 May 1888 to Jennie Gould (d. 1888); then on 28 Mar. 1898 to Rosa Roeder (d. 1918) with whom he had a son, Carroll G. He married Lillian S. Prall in 1923; she died in 1935. Ludlow was buried at LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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