MALLEY'S CANDIES, INC. is a family of nationally known chocolatiers who, in 2004, owned and operated chocolate and ice cream businesses which manufactured and sold their products in 15 stores throughout Greater Cleveland. After borrowing $500 in 1935, Albert (Mike) Malley opened a small store at 13401 Madison Ave. The building, on the corner of Lewis Dr., was formally a delicatessen and Malley housed his family in the back rooms, while he and his wife, Jo, set up a kitchen to make candy in the building's basement. Malley's Candies soon gained a reputation for quality products and in 1949, the family opened a second Lakewood store at 14822 Madison Ave. In 1963, Malley's began a fundraising program to aid charitable and service origanizations with fundraising efforts by selling Malley's products. In 1967, William (Bill) M. Malley succeeded his father as president of Malley's Candies and, under the second generation of the family's ownership, the company continued its expansion. In 1969, another store opened on 23473 Lorain Rd. in NORTH OLMSTED in a former hardware store. The new location was complete with a revolving merry-go-round in the middle of the store.

In 1985, Malley's began offering chocolate-covered strawberries from Memorial Day through Labor Day, during strawberry season. The chocolate-covered strawberries soon become one of the company's most recognized products. The Malley family expanded their operation in Aug. 1990 when they completed a large modern kitchen and store at 13400 Brookpark Rd. in BROOK PARK. In 1992 Mike Malley's son, William, his wife Adele, and his son-in-law, William McConville, owned the business, which had grown into a $6.5 million company. In 1996, Bill Malley retired, leaving his wife—Adele Ryan Malley—as president. Under Adele Malley's leadership, the company continued its path of steady growth and she received recognition of her efforts in 2002 when she received a Women in Business Advocate Award from the Small Business Administration and again in 2003 when she accepted a YWCA Greater Cleveland Women of Achievement Award. By the end of 1997, sales had reached $11 million and the company's Christmas catalog, which reached 150,000 homes and businesses, accounted for nearly 10 percent of Malley's annual sales. Adele retired in February 2003 and her son, Dan Malley, became president. Including Dan, three of Bill and Adele's five children were involved in the company's daily operations. Nearly all of the Malleys have served on the board of the Retail Confectioners Intl. and both Bill, Sr. and Adele had served individually as president of the trade group. In addition to its 60,000 square ft. factory and store located on Brookpark Rd., Malley's operated 14 stores in Greater Cleveland in 2004.

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