MALONE, EMMA BROWN (30 Jan. 1859-12 May 1924), with her husband J. WALTER MALONE, organized the Christian Workers' Training School for Bible Study and Practical Methods of Work (opened 17 March 1892) in Cleveland, the precursor of Malone College, Canton, OH. (It was also known as the Bible Institute or Cleveland Friends Bible Institute.) The school trained more women ministers than were trained elsewhere in the country, at least 14 in 1892-93 alone. Malone was born in OHIO CITY to Charles W. and Margaret Haight Brown. After graduating as valedictorian of Cleveland's West High School, she began attending the Friends' Meeting in Cleveland and was soon serving the Sunday School, led by J. Walter Malone. The two married on 19 January 1886; they had 6 children: Carroll B., J. Walter, Jr., Franklin, Margaret Crobaugh Day, Esther M. Waterbury, and Ruth M. Osborne.

Discouraged by secular influences in denominational colleges, the devout Malones opened a training school, serving as co-principals and teachers. Under their auspices, students attended services and performed mission work first at the ACADEMY OF MUSIC and then at the Whosoever Will Mission, at an old Free Methodist Church. The couple wrote for local and national publications and participated in national conferences of Friends. In 1892, Emma Malone served as clerk of the national meeting.

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