MARSHALL, WENTWORTH GOODSON (13 Dec. 1864-24 Feb. 1936) pioneer Cleveland druggist and experimental botanist, was born in Mount Forest, Ontario, the son of John Jacob and Sarah Ellen (Langton) Marshall. He was educated in Toronto and worked for a chemist in Canada before he came to Cleveland in 1884 and bought an interest in Arthur F. May's drug store, located where the TERMINAL TOWER now stands.

A few years later Marshall and May bought a second store in the Rouse Block on the northwest corner of Superior and Public Square and the W. G. Marshall Co. was formed. The name was shortened to the Marshall Drug Co. when he bought Mr. May out. Early drug stores such as Marshall's were meeting places for the medical men of the time and where people sent messages when they needed a physician. Marshall gradually began to stock proprietary medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical houses and installed a soda fountain. He built the Marshall Bldg. on the Superior site in 1913. By 1946 he owned a chain of 46 stores. Marshall also owned the 1,000-acre Rocky Run arboretum in Summit county where he conducted botanical experiments in conjunction the U. S. government and Western Reserve University experts in order to determine what trees, shrubs, and flowers could thrive in this climate.

Marshall married Louise Marie Gehring 14 Sept. 1888, and they had 2 sons George G. and Wentworth J. who entered the business. He died at his home in SHAKER HEIGHTS and was buried at Northfield Cemetery in Northfield, Ohio.


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