MCAULEY, EDWARD J. "ED" (24 Aug. 1903-25 Oct. 1961), sportswriter and columnist for the CLEVELAND NEWS (1925-59), was born in Hazelwood, Pa., to Charles E. and Anna Logan. He grew up in Cleveland and graduated from JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY in 1925. McAuley played football and baseball in high school but worked on the school newspaper in college, leading to a job at the Cleveland News in 1925. McAuley covered the Cleveland Rosenblums basketball team and area college football, but was best-known covering the sport he loved best: BASEBALL. From 1934-48 he covered the CLEVELAND INDIANS, and in 1939 began writing a daily column in addition to his daily articles and features. He was also the local correspondent for the Sporting News, later becoming its chief editorial writer. According to his PLAIN DEALER obituary, McAuley's baseball writings "ignored statistics and play-by-play to reflect the warmth of the human side of the game," and he became "one of baseball's foremost authorities." In the 1930s he led a successful campaign to have hits and errors displayed on the scoreboard. He was president of the Baseball Writers Assoc. of America (1954), and the official scorer at Indians games (1960-61). In 1952, the News editors added a daily column on general and world affairs for the paper's first page to McAuley's duties; he continued it about a year. McAuley won 3 awards from the CLEVELAND NEWSPAPER GUILD; also the 1958 Community Service Award of the Greater Cleveland Knights of Columbus.

McAuley married Genevieve Quinn in 1929. They had seven children: Ann, Mary Kay, Rita, Donald, Noreen, Jean, and Joan. McAuley died in Cleveland and was buried in Sharon, PA.

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