MCGINTY, JAMES J. (1882-27 Nov. 1937), son of James and Mary (McCriddon) McGinty, was a councilman (1912-21) who represented the Haymarket district. A native of Cleveland, he quit school at 14 to be a messenger for Western Union, then turned to real estate, and by 1911 to politics. McGinty also ran a bar below his Commercial St. home. Elected councilman in 1911, he built support through backslapping and entertainment that sometimes masked his concern for his constituents' well-being. He turned the annual ball of the Peerless Club, an organization of Haymarket youth, into the 9th Ward Ball, bringing in truckloads of sandwiches and beer for the annual event until prohibition, after which the balls failed; but McGinty recouped by introducing ragtime concerts attracting over 20,000 people. On 11 Dec. 1902, McGinty married Mary (Lukacsko) who was known as the "Angel of the HAYMARKET" for her work among the poor. She died in 1921 and their only son died in infancy. In city council, McGinty was known as a hard worker who became the favorite of mayors and political leaders because of his affable nature and ability to get things done, sponsoring legislation for dock building on the lakefront; central heating plant ordinances to eliminate smoke and soot downtown; White Way downtown lighting; and zoning for orderly development. An ally of the VAN SWERINGENS, he also promoted development of the Terminal Tower nearby Ohio Food Terminal. In 1931, McGinty announced his resignation, becoming a land and tax agent for the CLEVELAND RAILWAY CO., later (1936) its vice-president. He died of a heart attack and was buried in CALVARY CEMETERY.

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