The MCILRATH TAVERN was a well-known hostelry located on the northwest corner of EUCLID and Superior Aves. in EAST CLEVELAND. Abner McIlrath opened the tavern in 1837, although some accounts state that his brother, Alexander, had earlier maintained a general store and tavern at the same location. The tavern distinguished itself as an informal community center. People came from DOAN'S CORNERS and EUCLID TWP. to listen to candidates and vote. Abner, the owner of a pack of foxhounds, organized hunts, and shooting matches at Thanksgiving and Christmas. A garden attached to the tavern was considered a local meeting place for women. For children, a small menagerie was maintained that included an eagle, a wolf, and a bear. Abner McIlrath himself was celebrated for his size, purportedly 6' 6", 225 lbs. After his death, the tavern fell into neglect; it was torn down ca. 1890.

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