MCQUIGG, JOHN REA (5 Dec. 1865-26 Oct. 1928), banker, lawyer, military officer, and mayor of E. CLEVELAND (1907-13), was born near Hudson, Ohio, to Samuel and Jane McKinley McQuigg. He graduated from Wooster College in 1888, and after 1 year at Cornell Law School, transferred to the Natl. Law School in Washington, D.C., receiving his law degree, being admitted to the Ohio bar, and joining the Ohio Natl. Guard Infantry in 1890. From 1892-98, McQuigg was a member of the CLEVELAND GRAYS. During the SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, he was captain of the 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and from 1899-1916, was lieutenant colonel of engineers of the Ohio Natl. Guard. During World War I, McQuigg was commander of the 112th Engineers of the 37th Div. in France, being discharged in 1919. In 1920, McQuigg was recommissioned colonel of engineers. Devoting considerable time, money, and energy to developing the American Legion, McQuigg was commander of its Ohio Dept. from 1920-21 and was also an active member of the finance and executive committees, becoming Legion national commander 1925.

McQuigg helped organize the E. Cleveland office of Windermere Savings & Loan Co. (1915), moving from director to vice-president, then to president and general counsel. In addition, McQuigg and former classmate Geo. B. Riley established the law firm of Riley & McQuigg. McQuigg's special interest in municipal law aided his successful bid for the office of mayor of E. Cleveland. McQuigg married Gertrude W. Imgard in 1892, and had 2 children, Pauline and Donald.

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