MENOMPSY (NOBSY) (d. 1802 or 1803), a Chippewa or Ottawa medicine man, was the victim of the first murder in Cleveland. Menompsy was treating the wife of Big Son, who was the brother of the Seneca chief STIGWANISH, or "Chief Seneca." Despite all his efforts, Big Son's wife died. Big Son, believing that Menompsy was responsible for his wife's death, sought retribution. According to Indian justice, Big Son had the right to retaliate, and he threatened Menompsy's life. Menompsy, who was a sacred priest as well as a medicine man, asserted he was a charmed man and no bullet could harm him. While walking together one day, Big Son extended his hand as if to make amends and shake hands, but instead drew a knife and stabbed Menompsy in the side. Despite all efforts, Menompsy died. The murder threatened the peace of Cleveland with Indian tribal warfare. Maj. LORENZO CARTER, friend to the Indians, negotiated a peace treaty between the two sides. The price for peace was 2 gallons of whiskey.

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