MILES AVE. CHURCH OF CHRIST, at 7166 Dunham Rd., WALTON HILLS, originated in 1835 at a DISCIPLES OF CHRIST meeting at Col. John Wightman's farm on Harvard Ave. near Broadway in NEWBURGH. Preachers Alexander Campbell, William Hayden, A. B. Green, and M. S. Clapp inspired converts, 35 of whom subsequently organized a church. In 1835 brethren of the church assumed the duties of the congregation; John Hopkinson and Theodore Stafford as first bishops, David L. Wightman and John Healy, deacons. In 1842 the church moved from a tent to a log schoolhouse on Broadway (the site of ST. ALEXIS HOSPITAL), and later to the Newburgh town hall. The church purchased land from Mr. and Mrs. Eben Miles in 1851 and erected their first church building at 9200 Miles Ave. Healy, Hopkinson, and William Kelley served as lay ministers; J. D. Benedict became the first minister (1854-59). He was followed by JAMES A. GARFIELD. Although never formally ordained, Garfield served from 1859-60 and participated in a series of evangelistic services entitled "Meeting of Days." In 1888 the original frame building was moved to the back of the lot and a larger worship area with classroom space was added. It was remodeled in 1919, and as the church flourished another remodeling program was completed in 1930. In 1979 the congregation sold the church and moved to temporary quarters at 750 Broadway in BEDFORD. Two years later it purchased a 6.8-acre plot of land in Walton Hills and dedicated a new building 12 Sept. 1982.

See also RELIGION.

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