MUELLER, OMAR EUGENE (27 July 1880-22 June 1946) was a prominent Cleveland brewer and businessman. Born in Cleveland, Mueller was the son of ERNST W. and Agathe Leick Mueller.

Mueller was educated at UNIVERSITY SCHOOL, Harvard University, and Washington University. His early career included service as U.S. Consul in Bahia, Brazil from 1911 to 1914.

In 1932, Mueller became president of the CLEVELAND HOME BREWING COMPANY, which had been founded by his father in 1907 and headed the company until his death. He retained that position until his death.

Eulogized by the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER as a "man of unusual attainments," Mueller was also recognized as a nationally-ranked tournament bridge player.

Mueller married Elsa Weideman (daughter of JOHN CHRISTIAN WEIDEMAN) in 1914. He was survived by 4 children, Ernst W., Erna L. Berry, Jay C., and Werner D. Mueller. A son, Omar John, died at the age of six. Mueller lived in CLEVELAND HEIGHTS. He is buried in RIVERSIDE CEMETERY.

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