The MUSTEROLE CO., manufacturer of a famous over-the-counter ointment, began in 1905 after pharmacist A. L. McLaren developed a mustard ointment at his Cedar and E. 97th St. drugstore. As the ointment's popularity grew, McLaren was unable to maintain his supply and eventually restricted its sale to regular customers. The mustard preparation's success convinced George Miller, owner of a nearby hardware store, to sell his store and invest in an expanded production and packaging facility for the product. After Miller and McLaren mobilized additional investors, the Musterole Co. was incorporated in 1907. The company soon moved to 4612 St. Clair and then to 1748 E. 27th St. The medication, known as Musterole, was used to relieve chest congestion, coughs, minor throat irritation, and muscle aches. Musterole was distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada as a convenient substitute for the old-fashioned mustard plaster and achieved worldwide distribution after World War I. The ointment remained a popular, locally produced proprietary medication until 1956, when Musterole was bought by the Plough Corp. of Tennessee and production facilities were moved to Memphis. After Plough merged with the Scherring Pharmaceutical Co. in 1970, the resulting Scherring-Plough Corp. continued to manufacture the product and offer it for sale.

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