The NEAL MOVING & STORAGE COMPANY was founded in 1867 by Jonathan Neal, an immigrant from England, who was one of Cleveland’s first draymen. The company began operating with only one horse and wagon and was originally known as the J. Neal Company. By the time Jonathan Neal retired in 1903, his business owned six vans, 15 trucks, and equipment for erecting large machinery.

After Jonathan Neal retired, control of the company passed to his sons, Arthur W. and Clarence J. Neal. In 1912, the brothers incorporated their company as the Neal Fireproof Storage Company. That same year, they built a new, five-story warehouse at 7208 Euclid Avenue. In 1913, an additional, six-story warehouse was added behind the first.

In 1925, the company built an eight-story warehouse on the west side of Cleveland at 3800 Detroit Avenue, which cost $250,000. At this time, the company also had storage locations on the east side at 7208 and 11607 Euclid Avenue.

In 1936, Herbert C. Neal assumed ownership of the company. Under his leadership, the company dropped “fireproof” from their name and became known as the Neal Storage Company. Neal remained president of the company at its centennial in 1967. At that time, the main branch was located at 7119 Carnegie Avenue. The company also had branches in Palo Alto, California, and Tampa, Florida.

The company suffered financial difficulties in the 1980s and as of 2015 was no longer in business.


Jennifer Graham, Western Reserve Historical Society



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