NORTH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, organized in 1902, began as a Sunday school which held its first services in a store on St. Clair Ave. near E. 70th St. The first building was built the same year with the help of H. CLARK FORD and the Cleveland Congregational Union. It grew under the leadership of its first pastor, Rev. Charles H. Lemmon (1902-16). In 1945, when the neighborhood had commercialized, North Congregational federated with the Glenville Evangelical & Reformed Church at E. 101st St. and St. Clair, and members worshipped there. In May 1954 the congregation of Glenville Evangelical & Reformed voted to sell their property and join the First Evangelical & Reformed Church. In June 1954 North Congregational merged with Glenville Congregational Church, at Eddy Rd. and St. Clair. Glenville, also established in 1902, was dissolved 17 Jan. 1962.


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