NUTT, JOSEPH RANDOLPH (9 March 1869-18 Dec. 1945), president and board chairman of the Union Trust Co. and treasurer of the Republican National Committee, was born in Uniontown, Pa., the son of Adam C. and Charlotte Frances Wells Nutt. He was educated in public schools and Madison Academy. Coming to Akron, Ohio, in 1893, he operated a jewelry store and four years later organized his first bank. Nutt came to Cleveland in 1901 as secretary of the Savings & Trust Co. of Cleveland which was superseded by the Citizens Savings & Trust Co., of which he became president in 1918. Citizens merged into the Union Trust in Dec. 1920, and Nutt became president of the new bank. The Union Trust prospered under his leadership as president and later chairman, accumulating resources of $375 million. A close friend of O. P. VAN SWERINGEN, Nutt was credited with introducing the Vans to Thomas J. Lamont of J. P. Morgan & Co., which lent the brothers millions for their railroad empire. Nutt resigned as president of Union Trust in 1930 and as chairman in 1932; he was absolved of any wrong-doing in the subsequent demise of the bank. He also was a personal friend and supporter of Republican President Herbert Hoover and served as treasurer of the Republican National Committee from 1928-33.

Nutt married Elizabeth Hasbronck 27 Nov. 1907 and they had 3 children, Joseph R. Jr. and Davic C. and daughter Frances. He also had a son, Robert H., from a previous marriage to Leora Hay. He died at his home in CLEVELAND HTS.

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