Ohio Legal Blank

OHIO LEGAL BLANK was developed in 1883 as a commercial printer of legal blanks. Located in Cleveland, Ohio this organization has provided state specific legal forms written according to Ohio Secretary of State’s legal language for over 136 years.

Ohio Legal Blank’s second company, The National Bank Note Co., originated in New York City in 1859.  Here, they acquired the contract to print all U.S. postage stamps through 1879 and even printed U.S. currency.

Ohio Legal Blank and The National Bank Note Co. moved to Cleveland in the early 1900’s where they continue to provide corporate supplies such as custom stock certificates, corporation minute books, engraving and embossers. Their retail office is located near downtown’s Public Square, across from the Justice Center at 1370 Ontario Street. Ohio Legal Blank's corporate office is located at 9800 Detroit Ave, Ste 2.

The Roberts family took over ownership of the companies associated with Ohio Legal Blank in 1936. Owner Deborah Roberts Luster graduated from Ohio University in 1990, the same year she acquired ownership of the company. 

Ohio Legal Blank is a member of the ONE HUNDRED YEAR CLUB OF THE WESTERN RESERVE.