ORLIKOWSKI, BERNARD E. (10 Jan. 1876-5 Dec. 1957) a key political fligure in the POLISH community, was born in Meisterwald, Germany, the son of Michael and Julia Slawinski Orlikowski. He came to Cleveland at an early age, completing his education at South High school and Canton's Business College. An independent businessman, Orlikowski headed the Polish-American Realty and Trust Co. for many years and was associated with his uncle Frank Orlikowski in the liquor business until prohibition. Active in local democratic politics, he was appointed superintendent of paving by Cleveland Mayor John Farley at the turn of the century, remaining there until 1910, and served in the 80th Ohio General Assembly 1913-14. Orlikowski represented Cleveland's Ward 14 area in city council 1920-1927 where he was attentive to the needs of his largely Polish constituents. After service in council, he was appointed to various city posts including Director of Real Estate Purchases in 1928, Commissioner of Streets under Mayor Ray T. Miller in 1932 and in 1940 was made superintendent of the 1940 U.S. Census in the 21st Congressional District. During his lifetime, Orlikowski took an active role in the neighborhood assocations of his community

Orlikowski married Apolonia Sczyglenski 9 Sept. 1903, and they had 8 children, Edward A., Theodore C., Lloyd M., Leona, Frank, Sylvia Watling, Bernard F. and Dolores. He died at his home in Cleveland and was buried at CALVARY CEMETERY.

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