PLYMOUTH CHURCH OF SHAKER HEIGHTS, formerly known as the Plymouth Congregational Church, began as Free Presbyterian Church in 1850. It was formed by members who objected to First Presbyterian's (Old Stone's) moderate stand on slavery. Two years later it associated with the Congregational Church, and took the name Plymouth Congregational Church at the suggestion of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher 2 years later.

The church had various locations over the years, including Euclid and E. 9th (1853), Prospect near E. 9th (1857), and Prospect and E. 22nd (1882). Mt. Zion Congregational Church was formed at Plymouth Church in 1864. Plymouth also formed Olivet Mission to work as an outreach in the Czech community. The Plymouth Church congregation disbanded in 1913 due to a loss of members and a lack of money. With the aid of the Congregational Union, the church was reconstituted in 1916 as a Congregational Community Church. It was 1 of the 5 churches provided for by the VAN SWERINGENS in SHAKER HTS. A church was built in 1923 on a site given by the Van Sweringen Co., designed by architect CHARLES S. SCHNEIDER. The structure, considered one of the best examples of the Georgian Colonial style in the region, is located at 2860 Coventry Rd. The church is now a member of the United Church of Christ.

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