PRETERM, INC., established on 15 Mar. 1974, is a nonprofit medical clinic run by WOMEN for women to provide abortion counseling, abortions, contraceptives, education and outreach, with care and sensitivity. Founded following the 1973 legalization of abortion, by 1975 Preterm offices were open 3 days a week and offered abortion counseling, abortions, breast examinations, and Pap smears. In 1976 pregnancy-testing centers were established in ROCKY RIVER and BEDFORD, although community pressure subsequently forced the closing of the Bedford office. In 1978 the organization offered premarital blood tests and became an observation center for local, certified health professionals. By 1982 it also offered testing for venereal diseases, early pregnancy tests, and ultrasound testing. Patient fees and Medicaid for indigent patients covered many of Preterm's early services. After the prohibition on the use of federal monies for abortions in 1981, however, Preterm lowered fees to ensure access by poorer women; foundation grants and individual contributions helped support the organization. In 1992 Preterm began to offer free sexuality education classes to school-aged children in Greater Cleveland. In 1995 Preterm was located at 12000 Shaker Blvd.

Preterm Newsletter (summer 1984).

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