RADDATZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH (25 Feb. 1880-29 July 1940) printing executive and Shakespeare scholar, was born in Cleveland, the son of Herman and Mary Ann (Peters) Raddatz. After graduating from ST. IGNATIUS HIGH SCHOOL, he attended St. Ignatius College (see JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY), receiving an A.B. degree in 1901 and an M.A. degree in 1912. He was a Cleveland PLAIN DEALER reporter before entering the advertising and lithograph business in 1903 and founded Stratford Press in 1911. In the mid-1920s he incorporated his printing business as W. J. Raddatz & Co. and later served as Vice President of A.S. Gilman, another printing concern.

A recognized authority on Shakespeare, Raddatz was interested in confirming that Shakespeare wrote the works attributed to him. As a result, he penned "Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare" and "Bacon and Shakespeare Paralleled." He also wrote "Golden Texts from Shakespeare" and served as a visiting lecturer at URSULINE COLLEGE for Women. Involved in diverse activities, Raddatz was a delegate to the first World Court Congress in 1915 and served as chairman of publicity for Liberty Loans in the 4th FEDERAL RESERVE District during WORLD WAR I. Active as a trustee and board member of many local charities, he made a substantial contribution to the betterment of the Cleveland community.

Raddatz married Mary Eleanor (Mollie) Leslie 25 April 1906, and they had two children, William Leslie and Edward Dustin. He died in Cleveland at age 60 and was buried at CALVARY CEMETERY.

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