The ROLLERCADE was a skating rink located at 6800 Denison Ave. It was housed in a building originally constructed in 1929 and known as the Equestrium. Built for the CLEVELAND UNION STOCKYARDS CO., livestock shows, polo matches, riding contests, and prize fights were held there. The decline in interest in these events led to the building being sold and converted into the Rollercade in 1940-41. Alterations costing $14,000 created a skating floor of 260' by 120', as well as seating for 3,000. There were club rooms, showers, management offices, and a large refreshment bar. Ten colored lights were installed in the ceiling and an electric organ supplied music.

Rollercade was operated by Clarence and De Forest Reynolds and managed by Jack Dalton, an acrobatic speed skater formerly with RKO vaudeville. It was said to have been the largest unobstructed roller rink in America. The football-field size floor was said to have been a larger covered area than PUBLIC AUDITORIUM. Attendance peaked at 2,400 in one day in the 1940s and then began to decline. In 1960 the Wurlitzer organ from the PALACE THEATER was installed; 3 years later it was sold to a private individual and removed. Attendance dropped to under 300 a night by the mid-1960s and in 1968 the Rollercade was closed and converted into a supermarket.

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