ROYALTON TOWNSHIP, called North Royalton Twp. after 1881, was formed on 27 October 1818 and voted into existence on 6 Nov. 1818, as part of Brecksville Twp. in Twp. 5, Range 13, of the WESTERN RESERVE. Bounded on the north by PARMA, on the south by Medina County, on the east by BROADVIEW HTS., and on the west by STRONGSVILLE, Royalton Twp. is the highest territory in Cuyahoga County, at 1,238' above sea level and 375' above Lake Erie. The township was named after the Vermont home town of 2 early settlers, David and Knight Sprague. Knight Sprague built the first town hall. In 1881 the name was changed to North Royalton to differentiate it from another Ohio town of the same name. The first settlement was located in the southeastern part of the township, where bear, deer, and turkey were plentiful (see FLORA AND FAUNA). Melzer Clark became the first white settler in the area in 1811 and Robert Engle in 1816. The election creating Royalton Twp. was held at Engle's home. Growth came slowly but steadily: in 1821 Jonathan Bunker erected the first single-framed dwelling; by 1827 several frame homes had been built. The only village in the township, Royalton Center, contained a town hall, 3 general stores, 3 churches, a cemetery, and an Odd Fellows lodge. With the help of public contributions, York and State roads were laid out as the first 2 plank roads, and Royalton Twp. soon developed into an important dairy center. In 1866 James Wyatt opened a cheese factory. When this INDUSTRY slowed, AGRICULTURE continued as the area's mainstay. In 1829 the first school was built; by 1830 the township was divided into 4 school districts. In 1907, the first high school was built with public funds. North Royalton Twp. was incorporated as the village of NORTH ROYALTON in April 1927.

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