The SAINT ANN FOUNDATION, sponsored by the SISTERS OF CHARITY OF ST. AUGUSTINE, was established in 1973 with the income gained from the sale of St. Ann's Hospital to KAISER PERMANENTE. The foundation supports programs for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes related to health and health care. Saint Ann Foundation gave one of its largest grants to date, $50,000, to PARMADALE in 1986; ST. VINCENT CHARITY HOSPITAL and the PHILLIS WHEATLEY ASSN. have been among other recipients. In 1991 the Saint Ann Foundation supported such efforts as improving accessibility for the disabled, counseling, and services to the homeless and the chemically dependent at institutions which included the Child Guidance Center (see GUIDANCE CENTERS), the CTR. FOR HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, the Hitchcock Ctr. for Women, and SAN JUAN BAUTISTA Roman Catholic Church. In 1995 John Faulstich served as administrator for the foundation.


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