SCHAUFFLER, HENRY A. (7 April 1837-15 Feb. 1905), missionary to CZECHS in Cleveland, founded the Slavic Bible Readers' Home (School) (see SCHAUFFLER COLLEGE OF RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL WORK) for Slavic WOMEN in 1886. Schauffler was born in Constantinople, Turkey, to missionaries Mary Reynolds and Dr. William G. Schauffler. Before coming to Cleveland, he served missions in Turkey and Bohemia. He married Clara Gray in November 1862; the couple had 9 children: William Gray, Eleanor (Hawkes), Lilian (Boswell), Charles Edward, Mary, Henry Park, Frederick Herrick, Rachel (Capen), and Robert Haven.

At the request of Rev. Charles T. Collins, pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church, Schauffler arrived in Cleveland in 1882 to minister to the Olivet Chapel, a mission of Plymouth. In October 1883 the Congregational Home Missionary Society appointed him superintendent of Slavic missions in the U.S. under the auspices of the Bohemian Mission Board of Cleveland.

His first wife died on 3 Sept. 1883, shortly after the move. Schauffler became the pastor of the newly-erected BETHLEHEM CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH in 1885.

On 28 July 1892 Schauffler married the Schauffler College's first teacher, Clara Hobart, of Cleveland. They had 3 children: Lawrence, Grace (Leavitt), and Margaret. Schauffler was buried in RIVERSIDE CEMETERY.

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