SCHOENFELD, FRANK K. (7 Dec. 1904-29 Dec. 1984), chemical engineer and director of the research center of the B. F. Goodrich Co. in the 1960s (see B. F. GOODRICH CO. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT), was born in Pittsburgh to George and Rose Koch Schoenfeld. He graduated in chemical engineering (1927) and received his master's (1933) and doctorate degrees (1937) from Western Reserve University (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY).

He joined B. F. Goodrich as a chemist in 1927, working on vinyl resins. In 1939 he became manager of Koroseal Research & Development, in 1942 becoming director of this group, developing manufacturing processes for vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chlorides. In 1943 he became a technical superintendent in the newly formed B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co., a division of B. F. Goodrich, advancing to vice-president of technology in 1946, to vice-president of research for the parent firm in 1954, and to vice-president of research and development in 1959, holding that position until he retired in 1968.

Schoenfeld earned patents in the fields of pigments, adhesives, rubber derivatives, polymerization, manmade rubbers, and plastics. He received the medal from the Industrial Research Institute (1959) and Cleveland Technical Societies Council's Annual Distinguished Service Award (1966). Schoenfeld was also a director of British Geon, Ltd. In 1957 he became a member of the board of governors of WRU, and its chairman in 1963.

Schoenfeld married Helen Mars Wood in 1930; they had one daughter, Gretchen Ann Schoenfeld (b. 12 Jan. 1941). Frank died in Crystal River, Florida.

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