The SCHUBERT STRING QUARTET was an early Cleveland chamber music group, part of a growing late-19th-century interest in forms other than choral music. Directly preceded by the Cecilian String Quartet (org. 1875), the Schubert String Quartet was organized in 1878 by JOHANN BECK (1st violin), with Julius Deiss (2nd violin), Chas. Reinhart (viola), and Chas. Heydler (cello). Concerts were given at Brainard's Parlors, at Heard's Hall, and with German singing societies. In 1884-85, when Wm. Schramm (2nd violin) and J. H. Amme (viola) joined Beck and Heydler, the quartet presented an extended season at Heard's Hall featuring Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Brahms. It undertook a tour in 1884 as the "Schubert String Quartette Concert Co.," accompanied by Jeanne G. Cross and pianist and musical director J. de Zielinski of Michigan. Concerts were given until 1890, when the group became known as the BECK STRING QUARTET.

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