The SCHUHPLATTLER AND TRACHTENVEREIN BAVARIA was formed in 1972 from the remnants of the Schuhplattler & Costume Club, a singing and dancing club. The group specializes in the form of dancing known as Schuhplattler, or shoe slapping. Under the direction of president Reinhold Rock and dance coordinator Rudy Hermes, the Schuhplattler & Trachtenverein Bavaria accumulated top honors in a number of annual competitions held throughout North America. It won the traveling trophy donated by the Bavarian government 7 times between 1973 and 1987. In 1993 the group had over 50 dancers and a support staff of 125 members. It performed locally at German Day celebrations, folk festivals, Oktoberfests, and private functions. A 30-voice singing branch was also formed for the performance of Bavarian and German folk songs. The Schuhplattler & Trachtenverein Bavaria rehearsed at the German-American Cultural Center in NORTH OLMSTED.

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