SCOTTISH HERITAGE ASSN. OF NORTHEASTERN OHIO, formerly known as Clan Grant No. 17 of the Order of the Scottish Clans, is a fraternal society organized on 13 Apr. 1885. Named in honor of President U. S. Grant, who was of Scottish descent, the organization in its early years met in City Hall. Thos. S. Davies, the owner of a soap-manufacturing company, was chief in 1886; Peter Miller was secretary, and Chas. R. Stuart, the owner and operator of a bottling works, was treasurer. By the time of its 50th-anniversary celebration in 1935, Clan Grant No. 17 had 250 members and was the largest Scottish society in the area. At the time a member of the United Scottish Societies, it regularly participated in annual Scottish events such as the celebration to honor the birthday of Scottish poet Robt. Burns.

In 1990-91, Clan Grant No. 17 was reformed and rechartered as the Scottish Heritage Assn. of Northeastern Ohio, although it continued in the tradition of the original Clan Grant Society. In 1995 the organization had 60 members and Bill Middleton served as Senior Past Chief of the order.

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