SHAKER-LEE SYNAGOGUE grew out of a merger of two earlier Jewish congregations. Ohel Jacob was founded by Russian and Sephardic Jews in lower Woodland in 1915. In 1926 the congregation built a synagogue in Kinsman, where it remained until 1956, when it purchased a lot on Lee Rd. in SHAKER HTS. Ohel Yavne was established in 1919 in Kinsman, meeting initially in the home of Shmuel Levine, then erecting a synagogue on a portion of Levine's property. In 1959 Ohel Yavne and Ohel Jacob merged to form the Shaker-Lee Congregation. Rabbi Isaac Krislov served Ohel Jacob and Shaker-Lee for almost 35 years. In 1962 Congregation Tifereth Israel joined Shaker-Lee. Tifereth Israel was founded by Polish and Austrian Jews in 1920 and became known as the "schochetim shul" because of the large number of ritual slaughterers who worshipped there. Shaker-Lee, which dedicated a synagogue in 1961, sold its building in 1970 and in 1972 merged with WARRENSVILLE CENTER SYNAGOGUE.

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