SNOW, DORCAS LAVINA (27 July 1902-13 April 1994) was a nationally known piano and music teacher as well as a local historian of the BRECKSVILLE area.

Snow was born in Brecksville into a family that was among the first residents of the area. She was the daughter of Harry W. and Alice P. (Noble) Snow. Snow studied piano at the Cleveland School of Music, graduating in 1923. She briefly played piano for radio stations WJAY and WHK before rejecting that career for teaching. In 1923 she began teaching piano, and her students gave their first recital the following year. Over the years she taught piano to a number of Brecksville area residents and was known for her high standards of teaching.

In the mid-1970s, she began her writing career. The first of her works came out in 1980. Over the next decade she produced such titles as "To The City of Brecksville" (1980), "Dear Brecksville" (1981), "Prelude" (1990), and "Opus 1" (1992). Her publications, which numbered a dozen in all, featured such topics as the history of Brecksville and neighboring communities as well as music and Christmas. Brecksville's mayor, Jerry Hruby, dubbed her the "City Historian" and credited her with instilling an interest in the community's history.

Snow presided over her 69th student piano recital in 1993 and continued to teach and write until shortly before her death. She never married. She is buried at Highland Drive (Center) Cemetery, Brecksville.

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