The SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS (SAE), CLEVELAND SECTION was founded as a branch of the SAE. The parent organization was established in 1905 to inform and contribute to the research, design, production, and use of all forms of transportation. Six years later the society began creating regional sections to encourage the local automotive interests of their members. The Cleveland Section was organized July 1914 to provide a local forum for discussion of new technological, engineering, and scientific developments in all aspects of mobile power. Founding officers were Chairman J. H. Herron (James H. Herron Co.); Vice Chairman H. B. Anderson (WINTON MOTOR CO.); Secretary R. J. Nightingale (WILLARD STORAGE BATTERY CO.); Treasurer A. J. Scaife (WHITE CO.). The section grew from 113 members in 1914 to about 1,800 in 1992. Their Cleveland Section Journal has been published since 1923.

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