SOUTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (1892-1931), at 3166 Scranton and Prame streets, began in the fall of 1890 (incorporated 4 Mar. 1892) as a mission Sunday school organized by Rev. Dr. William Gaston, pastor of NORTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. In October the PRESBYTERIAN UNION rented a hall for the Sunday school and engaged Rev. Alonzo Michael (19 Oct. 1890-1 Jan. 1891). In May 1891 the Presbyterian Union engaged Rev. James D. Corwin as the group's leader. As membership grew, a decision was made to construct a sanctuary.

On 1 Jan. 1892, the first service was held in the new building at the corner of Scranton and Prame St., on property purchased by the Presbyterian Union. On 21 Jan. 1892, a committee from the Presbytery of Cleveland, including Rev. Dr. PAUL F. SUTPHEN and elders Reuben F. Smith and James A. Robinson, organized South Presbyterian Church. Rev. Corwin served until he died of typhoid fever (May-Sept. 1892); Rev. John L. Roemer was installed 19 Apr. 1893. The original frame structure was moved to an adjacent corner; a building campaign was launched; and a new sanctuary was dedicated on 1 Oct. 1905.

By the 1930s the neighborhood had become predominantly Roman Catholic, and St. Elias Syrian Catholic Church purchased South Church. On 11 July 1937, South Presbyterian merged with the Parma Presbyterian Church to form Parma-South Presbyterian Church.

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