ST. MARON congregation dates from 1914, when approx. 10 immigrant families from Syria and Lebanon formed the St. John Maron Society. They were Catholics of the Maronite Rite who had worshipped in Latin Rite churches but wished to preserve their religious heritage. The St. John Maron Society raised the necessary funds and bought a house at 2214 E. 21st St. for use as a church in 1915. Bp. JOHN P. FARRELLY blessed the remodeled home on 2 Apr. 1916. Rev. Peter Chelala was the first pastor. In 1939 the parish acquired the church building of ST. ANTHONY'S parish at 1245 Carnegie. St. Maron parish became a center of Lebanese culture; church societies effectively preserved both the religious and ethnic heritage. The church building was extensively remodeled and renovated in the early 1980s. Msgr. Bernard C. Khachan was pastor in 1995. Congregation membership stood at 725 families.

Archives, Diocese of Cleveland.


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