SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH J. (16 Nov. 1844-2 Feb. 1922), businessman and banker, was born in Ireland to Jeremiah and Mary (Moylan) Sullivan. Coming to the U.S. in the 1850s, Sullivan attended local schools, and in 1879 and 1885 was elected state senator representing Wayne, Knox, Holmes, and Morrow counties. He helped establish the Soldiers Home in Sandusky and was a trustee. In 1887, Pres. Grover Cleveland appointed him national bank examiner for Ohio.

He came to Cleveland and in 1890 helped organize Central Natl. Bank of Cleveland, in 1900 becoming its president. In 1905 he organized Superior Savings & Trust, and was also its president. The two banks merged in 1921 into Central Natl. Bank Savings & Trust Co.; Sullivan became chairman of the board of directors.

Sullivan was involved in local and national banking organizations. In 1899, he became the Cleveland Assoc. of Credit Men's first president; he was also the first president of the Bankers' Club of Cleveland and president of the Ohio Bankers' Assoc. In 1905-06, he was president of the Natl. Board of Trade, and in 1914 president of the CLEVELAND CLEARINGHOUSE ASSOC. Sullivan was among a few prominent bankers favoring the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and helped bring the 4th FEDERAL RESERVE BANK to Cleveland. He was Cleveland Chamber of Commerce president in 1905 (see GREATER CLEVELAND GROWTH ASSN.), and was active in the Ohio Democratic party. The Ohio Natl. Guards' 5th Ohio Regiment elected him colonel in 1893.

Sullivan married Selina J. Brown in 1873. They had three children: Selma, Corliss, and Helen.

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