The SUPERIOR AVE. BAPTIST CHURCH, founded in 1848 as the Cottage Baptist Sunday School on St. Clair, grew to be one of the most prosperous places of worship along old Superior St., called the "street of churches" in the 19th century. The church moved to E. 25th and Superior, where a wooden structure was erected in 1852. By 1878 the name had changed to the Superior Ave. Baptist Church. A new stone building, erected in 1892, was destroyed by lightning in 1901 but was rebuilt to serve its 700 member families. As parishioners moved to new neighborhoods, the building became surrounded by commercial enterprises. In 1941, with only a handful of members, the church sold its building to the State Chemical Co. and relocated to E. 58th and Hough, until the parish acquired the old Hough Ave. church at 5708 Hough. In 1954 it changed its name to Faith Baptist Church, and in 1958 relocated to 4117 Rocky River Dr.

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