The THREE ARTS CLUB OF LAKEWOOD promotes the fine arts on the west side through monthly recitals and a student scholarship program. Modeled after an east side Music and Drama Club of Cleveland, it was founded by 9 west side women on 17 Jan. 1919 in the LAKEWOOD home of its first president, Mrs. George Brown. Music, drama, and dance were the 3 muses commemorated in the club's name. Membership was restricted to women residing on the west side of the Cuyahoga River until 1995, when the organization began accepting men. After several years of gathering in members' homes, the club in 1922 began giving recitals in the CLIFTON CLUB, which has remained its meeting place ever since except for the period 1942-50, when the building was lost due to fire. One of the most frequent soloists on its programs was one-time president Marianne Mastics, who has given more than 30 piano recitals for the membership. In 1995 the club presented an annual piano recital and play-reading program. All program participants had to be members.

In 1933 the Three Arts Club established a student loan program from what had originated as a building fund. Converted into a scholarship grant program in 1980, by 1994 it had made awards of up to $500 to 88 students. The club celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1994. Mary Anne Lucas served as president in 1995.

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