The TIPPECANOE CLUB was originally formed by the WHIG PARTY to elect their candidate, Wm. Henry Harrison, president of the U.S. in 1840. Named for Gen. Harrison's victory over the Indians at Tippecanoe Creek, IN, in 1811, the clubs were an important feature of Harrison's national campaign. The first local club was organized in Ohio City on 9 Mar. 1840, with former Ohio City mayor Francis Burrows as president. On 4 Apr. 1840 the Tippecanoe Club of Cuyahoga County was organized, with Frederick Whittlesey as president.

The Tippecanoe Club was revived by the local Republican party in 1888 when Benjamin Harrison, grandson of Pres. Wm. Henry Harrison, was the party's presidential candidate. Its reorganization was formally launched at a dinner at the Forest City House on 31 Mar. 1888, with Wm. McKinley as guest of honor. Although Benjamin Harrison served only 1 term as president, the club continued to be one of the leading political organizations in the city. When McKinley's victory in the 1896 presidential contest became evident, the Tippecanoe Club immediately chartered a train to Canton to congratulate the new president-elect. It continued to exist in the early 20th century, but as the Harrison connection receded into the past, other Republican political clubs became more influential.

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