TRACY, JAMES JARED (3 Dec. 1819-4 Jan. 1910) banker and civic leader, was born in Lansingburg, New York and came to Cleveland in 1836 where he was employed by the COMMERCIAL BANK OF LAKE ERIE. After it collapsed in 1842, Tracy became teller of the Commercial Branch Bank, organized in 1845 and remained there for 15 years. Over time he acquired substantial property;, including business blocks in the heart of the city. Tracy was an original member of the "Arkites," an informal group organized by William and his brother Leonard Case who were interested in natural science, whist, chess and the promotion of Cleveland's cultural institutions. He also was an incorporator of Case School of Applied Science in March 1880 and served on its first Board of Trustees.

Tracy married JANE ALLYN FOOTE 25 April 1883, and they had two children, JAMES JARED, JR. and Catherine Lansing Tracy. He died after a fall at his home in Cleveland and was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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