The TRENTINA CLUB was one of many "hometown" societies formed by Italian immigrants in Cleveland to provide financial assistance to needy members and to offer a friendly refuge in a new and different world. Founded as Instituzione Mutuo Beneficenza Trentina in 1930 by 12 natives of Trento, Italy, by 1935 it had 100 members and membership qualifications had been expanded to include immigrants from Italy's northern and central provinces. Like its sister organization, the NORTH ITALIAN CLUB, the Trentina Club paid sick and death benefits, had no political affiliations, and used Italian as its official language during meetings. By the 1950s the club had established its headquarters on Clark Ave., still its location on its 50th anniversary in 1980. In 1995 there were 18 members, who met on the first Friday of each month, and Dante A. Raffin was the president.

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